PowerPoint presentation to convince the organizational leaders

This is a paper that focuses on the PowerPoint presentation to convince the organizational leaders. The paper also provides further questions to discuss in the assignment paper.

PowerPoint presentation to convince the organizational leaders

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving Course
PowerPoint Presentation instructions:

You are a major stockholder in a multi-national corporation that is considering opening a facility in an underdeveloped country known for questionable human rights policies. The arguments in favor of the move include that it would provide employment for people who currently have none; it would decrease production costs, thereby increasing profits and return on your investment; and it would decrease the cost of the product for the consumers, potentially further expanding revenues and increasing returns. The arguments against opening the facility include the fact that companies operating in the region have been found treating employees badly by implementing policies such as extremely low wages relative to other countries, demanding long hours without providing overtime, and occasionally employing children.

You are planning to attend a shareholder’s meeting at which this topic will be discussed. You are to also provide your opinion on whether the facility should be opened. Determine whether you agree or disagree with the proposal to open a facility in the region.

For this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation to convince the organizational leaders whether the described facility should be opened or not. The PowerPoint should be at least 10 slides, not including the title and reference slides, and does not require any outside research, although additional research can be used.
For this assignment, make sure to discuss the following.
1.      Describe the issues to be addressed (two slides).
2.      Provide reasons for why you agree or disagree with opening the facility (two slides).
3.      Identify the role emotion plays in your recommendation (two slides).
4.      Explain how any emotion did, or did not, impact reason (two slides).
5.      Explain the reasoning process utilized to come to the conclusions reported in the presentation (two slides).