Position essay on comics and superheroes research

This is a paper that is focusing on the writing of a position essay on comics and superheroes research. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of this assignment paper.

Position essay on comics and superheroes research

Comics & Superheroes

The first essay in our class is a position essay in which you are taking a stance on a subject and supporting your position with research and evidence. In a synthesis, your goal is to strengthen points by connecting resources together throughout the essay. Throughout this unit, you will conduct research and find sources that link well together in support of your claim.

For this essay, you will be examining the following question/idea:

Do you believe the benefits of comic books and superheroes, in terms of education, cultural/historical value, and/or entertainment, outweigh the detriments?

In your essay, you have room to focus on whichever area you choose. (i.e. on the educational value/harm, on issues of cultural bias, etc…). However, the primary focus must be on Comics/Superheroes (you can also use manga/anime – video games can be used as a tangential resource but should not be the focus of your essay). This is an open topic, so if you would like to focus on some familiarity with this from a different country (For example, I have had students discuss the cultural influence of comics/superheroes from their home countries), you are welcome to do so.

Make sure you are only incorporating key evidence in support of your claim and eliminate unrelated pieces of information. Be sure to include an introduction that covers the general topic of Comics/Superheroes and have a thesis statement that highlights your central claim. The rest of your paper should focus on reasons supporting your choice. Supporting details should come from both the LIB Guides and your own research. Remember, do not just summarize your sources; you must synthesize!S