Political Science

Please answer one of the following two questions: 1. Does the 2019 federal election show that the Liberal Party is Canada’s single true brokerage party? If so, how? If not, why not? or 2. Does the 2019 federal election show the importance of party leadership in election outcomes in Canada? In other words, were the results linked to the various party leaders, or were they rather the product of structural forces beyond the individual party leaders? You must write a reflective paper (approximately 5 to 7 double-spaced pages) in length. In it, you have to take a position on one of the two questions above. Regardless of the question you choose to answer, the guidelines remain the same: your position has to be clearly stated and strongly supported by at least two relevant assigned course readings and at least two additional sources – be it a book, a scholarly article, a credible media account, or a relevant database. Mere summaries of readings will be heavily penalized, as the underlying objective of this assignment is for you to be able to position yourself in a debate, and to convincingly defend that position.