Policy Presentation Need by 10/4

I need help with a Statistics question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Congratulations, you are an entrepreneur! Welcome to the reality of running your own start-up. Applying all that you have learned in the past seven weeks, design organizational policies for your new company to sustainably support and leverage the talent of your employees within a competitive global market. Assume that you have 15-20 minutes to prepare your presentation for the Board of Directors.

As you develop the policies, be sure to include scholarly work to support the integration of the following:

  1. sociological theories of work
  2. the experiences and effects of policies on disenfranchised groups
  3. the use of social networks
  4. the effectiveness of previous/existing policies
  5. the effect of technology and globalization

As you apply the sociological theories to entrepreneurship, consider the demographics of entrepreneurs. Be sure to address the rates of disenfranchised groups. Are their advantages or disadvantages to those who hold a minority status? What about women who are not minorities, yet often face challenges in the workplace? Leverage the resources that you posted in last week’s annotated bibliography.

Feel free to be creative in how you choose to deliver the presentation. It could be a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation using slide notes to include the script that accompanies the slides; compose a full script; develop notes for index cards; and other options as approved by your instructor.