please write 500 words on this topic. No grammar mistake, please fallow my description.

I’m studying for my Application Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

The essays are the principal means we have of gaining insight about each applicant and their interests and reasons for applying to the Haas Undergraduate Program. The Haas essay question was created to provoke honest, thoughtful responses to help us get to know you. In addition to content, essays are evaluated for critical thinking and writing ability, skill in organizing and presenting thoughts and the relevance of your answer to the question posed.

All applicants are required to respond to the following essay prompt:

Provide us with a specific example of how you helped to foster an environment where differences are valued, encouraged and supported. Describe the situation and the role you played. If appropriate, describe any outcomes.

My personal information:

I’m a basketball player (scholarship student-athlete) that come from Taiwan. In Taiwan’s athletic system, they don’t care about academic grades only the performance on sport. They can have a horrible grade just because they are an athlete. It is not a balanced situation. Therefore, I am having a bad grade when I’m young because I played the national team. Many student-athletes in my country are harm by the system because ounce they did not move on to the next level; they are stuck in life because of there bad grades. I wanted to make a change to the system, so I started to help out other student-athletes like me.

After I come to the united state to chase my basketball dream, I realized that the system here would focus on grades. So I work hard to gain good grades and improve. I recognize the importance of balance, academic, and sport. And I wanted to make a change to the system. I tried to get into a good school to prove to all athletes that if we tried, we can manage both and become an all-around person.

I started to work with student-athletes in my country and share my experience by having a speech in a different high school. I volunteer to help top high school athletes in my country for English. Also teach them the importance of study. Every Friday and Saturday, when I’m in Taiwan, I will set up a workshop to work with those kids. I help serval high school athletes to get recruit and encourage them to study and to give them help to access the English material. I provide them with a picture that study is important so they can get prepared when they come to the state. In my case, I have serval athlete that have 1.8 GPA in Taiwan high school ending up having a 3.2 in his freshman while playing ncaa. I have a dream to become a role model for them and create a foundation to help all students in my country. And start to influence the governor of an athlete in my country to start putting academics equal to sports performance. So student-athlete can have a better life once they are done playing sport.

This is my theme, please use the theme to write a 500 words essay and connect to the prompt. Please be aware of grammar mistake. Its really important. Please add something to expand my thought and make it professional. Thanks