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This Assignment is designed to aid your progress in crafting the final Research Proposal (Signature Assignment). Here, our goal is the production of a sentence outline for the Method section and a sketch of expected data for the Results section.

A. Write a sentence outline for the Method section of your Research Proposal. Ultimately, the method should contain all information that would be necessary for a reader to understand your results and for a colleague to replicate your study. Include the following critical elements:

Participants: Give demographic variables of the ideal sample and give details about the sampling method.

Design: Is the design an experiment, quasi-experiment, correlation, etc.? How are the variables operationalized?

Materials: What materials are necessary to conduct the study? List any specialized equipment or tests.

Procedure: In roughly chronological order, what *exactly* is to be done with the participants?

Statistical Analyses: What descriptive and inferential statistics will you employ to report your results?

B. Write a sentence outline of the expected results. Include one sentence for each dependent variable or outcome variable that you plan to measure. You can also include a table of ideal data or a figure depicting ideal results.

If you cite any sources, within the text of your Method or Results, please provide references, in APA-format, at the end your submission.