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Use a Wordprocessor such as Microsoft Wordor GoogleDocsto type your answer for the following questions. Also put your name top left of the first page.Must write in formal academic English language. Make sure that all spelling are checked before submission.Number your answer correctly and leave a blank line after each answer.Only your answers are needed. Do NOTinclude the question.Total points : 60: 5 points for each question.5 Extra points if submitwork at least ONE day before due date.Another Extra points : 5 ifyou do ALL the followings:Your answers using one of the following fonts:Comic Sans MS, Times New Roman, Arial, Consolasor any other fonts that visually appealing to be read. You can confirm with me before hand.Font size 121.5 Line spacing between each line.2 blank lines after each answer.Your name and Assignment number top left offirst pageSave your file using your own First name and Last name and Assignment number. More details on this later.Grand Total points possible : 70How to submit work at the end of this document?Questions from Chapter 11)Someone said that “A smart phone such as the iphone is a computer”. Do you agree? State whether you agree or not and then justify your answer. Hint: Refer to the definition of a computer and then check if the smart phone fits that definition.2)Firstly, explain clearly what is meant by computer software.

2Secondly, clearly explain the differences between System software and Application software. Also give ONE example each of a System software and an application software.3)List TWO hardware improvements that were added to computers during the period defined as the Second Generation Computers (1958 1963). Explain how eachof these improvements improved performance of Computers during this time period.4)Compare and contrast an Embedded computer to a Desktop computer? How are they the same? How they differ?Questions from Chapter 25)Clearly explain what is a bit? a byte? And a kilobyte? How do they relate to each other.6)Explain the purpose of using the ASCII code with computers. Then write the initial for your first name and last name together with its ASCII representation in Binary.7)You want to buy a new computer and find the information shown below for parts of details for a desktop computer.a)Intel Pentium Gold Processor G5420 (4M Cache, up to 3.8 GHz)b)4GB, DDR4, 2400MHz DIMMi.What part of the computer is being identified in part (a)?ii.What does 3.8 GHz in part (a) refers to?iii.What part of the computer is being identified in part (b)?iv.What does 4GB in part (b)refers to?8)With respect to the working of a CPU, clearly explain how Pipelining improve the performance of the CPU.Questions from Chapter 39)A storage device can access its data sequentially or directly (random access). Give one example of sequential access device and one example of direct access device. Which one is better for backing up large sets of data at the end of the month? Why?10)Explain clearly what does it mean to partition a hard disk drive? Why would there will be a need to partition a hard disk?

311)List TWO possible advantages and TWO possible disadvantages of using Remote or Cloud Storage rather than just store your files in an USB drive that you can carry around with you.12)You had been asked to provide advice for a small startup loan company whether to use RAID with Striping or RAID with Mirroring in its attempt to improve processing and storing of data for its customers.Which one would you recommend? Justify your choice by make reference to how does one works and itsadvantages over the (disadvantages) of the