please follow apa with references and citations no plagarism 350 words -av

I need an explanation for this Engineering question to help me study.

After listening to the lecture recording, reading chapters 3,11, and 12, and completing Lab 6, your task is to choose one of the following VPN topics and investigate it in good details:

  • Strategies for overcoming VPN performance and stability issues
  • VPN deployment planning for the enterprise
  • Software vs hardware-based VPN solutions
  • Best practices for implementing and managing VPNs
  • VPN implementation

Once you chose a topic, write a reflection (3-4 paragraphs of approximately 200-to-250 words). You need to research this topic and add your comments about it; making sure you are not copying anything from the textbook or copying/pasting from any other sources. While you can research things, the write-up in the post MUST be your original words. Your initial post must contain a properly formatted in-text citation and scholarly references.