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Using the school library and proper APA formatting, discuss the following as they relate to physical security.

  • What are protective barriers, and what should they entail?
  • What is an entry-control station?
  • What mitigation procedures can be used to ensure the resiliency of protective barriers?
  • What is the significance of access and corrective controls?
  • Describe and explain some of the hardening methods of entry control.

Assignment Requirements

Please provide and discuss the above.

  • Each question should have at least one paragraph
  • Each paragraph must have at least 4 complete sentences
  • You also need to respond to at least two (2) classmates’ posts (100-word each)
  • There should be no personal pronouns in your initial discussion post.
  • Your initial post is due by Wednesday before 1159pm
  • You should have a minimum of five different credible in-text citations (Not at the end of your paragraphs)
  • All requirements must be met, and proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation must be correct.
  • Please also ensure you use the Discussion Board Header; you can find this template in the Getting Started folder.
  • No contractions should be used, or any conjunctions at the beginning of a sentence.
  • Failure to follow each instruction you will negatively affect your grades.