Plastic pollution in the ocean They Say or I Say proposal analysis

This is a paper that focuses on plastic pollution in the ocean They Say or I Say proposal analysis. The paper also provides further instructions for writing this paper.

Plastic pollution in the ocean They Say or I Say proposal analysis

Project Description:
Write a proposal about the topic of your choice, using what you have learned from class and They Say/I Say. This essay should be in response to something – a problem for which you have a solution (it could be a problem out in the world or a problem in college/on campus).

Proposals essentially make two arguments (which you will have to make in your paper):
•           First, that the issue being described really is a problem.
•           Second, that the proposed solution is the best option or is, at least, feasible.
This essay requires that you do outside research, similar to our other projects thus far. Again, research includes finding, evaluating, using, and citing sources – four steps we will work on throughout this project.

The following is a checklist with more specific requirements (which I will look for in your paper):

•           The introduction should explain what you plan to argue in your paper.
•           In the “problem” portion, clearly define and summarize the problem. Then argue that the problem really is a problem (i.e. argue that this problem is relevant, important, and worth resolving).
•           In the “solution” portion, argue for your proposed suggestions/changes/solution/alleviations. Furthermore, demonstrate that your solution is preferable to alternative solutions. Lastly, address potential objections to your proposed solution and why these objections should not stop your proposed solution from proceeding.

The conclusion should summarize what you argued, both the problem and the solution. In this paragraph, there should be no new information.
Use the rhetorical appeals to persuade your audience.
Intentionally use metacommentary to clarify or elaborate on your argument.
Incorporate 4-6 scholarly (reliable) sources to support your argument. There must be at least one quote from each source properly integrated into the paper.
Cite your sources correctly in MLA format within the essay and on your Works Cited.
Incorporate a variety of meaningful punctuation.