Given that it is only three weeks till the end of the semester,Please read the Placebo chapter in Odgen’s Health Psychology book (pg. 293 to pg. 310; free pdf download on our BB page) and then answer these questions below until next Monday 11/19/2018 11:59 P.M. Write two and a half to three pages (not less, not more). Double spaced, TNR, 12 font size, 1″ margins. A little feedback here:Take points off for artificially inflating the length of your paper by adding extra paragraph breaks (not APA style!), or by pushing the margins through indentation of bullet points / numbers, or by copy/pasting questions and instructions of the assignment. 1. What is a placebo? 2. Placebos are all in the mind. Discuss. 3. Discuss the role of patient expectations in improvements in health. 4. Placebos are a useful treatment for pain. Discuss. Book: