PJM6145 week 2 Managing Multicultural Teams

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Your personal assignment is to read the Harvard Business Review article on Managing Multicultural Teams (Brett, Behar & Kern) (R0611D-PDF-ENG) (included in the Harvard Course Pack) and write a report about the article.

Write a 2-3 page report (excluding Title & References pages – using APA Standards.

As usual, additional research and personal examples should be used, as applicable.


In your Coursepack, evaluate the HBR Article Managing Multicultural Teams.

In evaluating the paper, consider how it relates to experiences you might have had on professional work teams or student team assignments in other courses.

  • Summarize the key points of the article
  • Discuss the pro’s (good aspects, if any) and con’s (deficiencies or things you felt were not covered well enough, if any)
  • What did you learn, if anything, that will be most useful to you in this course and in the future as a project manager directing a global project?
  • How will you use the information from this paper to manage more effective global teams?
  • Do you have experiences with multicultural teams that were not covered by the article?
  • Did this article have personal value for you?
  • Paper is worth 5 points.