PJM6145 Week 2 individual Assignment, interviewing

I don’t understand this Business question and need help to study.

Prepare, conduct, document and analyze an interview with friend/family member:

The interview itself should take 20 minutes. Use preparation time and documentation/analysis time appropriately.

The interview questions should have at least 7 to 10. Also, you should combine the raw notes into it with your own thoughts.

The subject is this: If you were the boss, how would you conduct a project like the one described in the team case study for this course?

oYou will have to provide a bit of project background – use only a few minutes for this at the start.

oIt does not matter if this person has project experience or not – it might be more interesting if they do not.

oThe goal is to get some “common sense” thinking about the general process that might be followed.

I want to see the list of questions, the raw notes from the interview, and any further analysis you did to tidy those up before submitting to me.

I also want your own thoughts on how things went. Were there any problems? What would you do differently next time?