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Case Synopsis

In spite of its domination of Academy Awards for Best Animated Film since the category was introduced in 2001, Pixar had managed to win only once since 2015. It was overlooked in 2018 for Incredibles 2, although the film broke all records for opening weekend box office revenue for an animated feature film. Even though it was a commercial success, the film failed to land an Academy Award.

This loss at the Academy Awards only added to the feelings of loss within Pixar after the forced departure of John Lasseter, who had served as the firm’s creative officer since its founding. Because of his influence on the firm, Lasseter had been heralded in the news media as a latter-day Walt Disney. But his tendency to greet anyone in his proximity with lengthy bear hugs caused some to complain about the unwanted attention, and he left the firm in 2017. Despite the loss of Lasseter, Pixar was confident that it could continue to thrive as part of the Walt Disney Company.


1. Read the case (CASE 14 back of the book)

2. Respond to the following questions:

Discussion Questions:

A. What elements in the external environment might affect Pixar’s strategy?
B. What key internal resources does Pixar have that might help it support its competitive strategy?
C. What is Pixar’s competitive strategy, and what is the basis of Pixar’s competitive advantage?
D. How has innovation helped Pixar sustain its competitive edge?