PHP Programming II database and web dev processing.

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When the user fills out the registration, all information is inserted into a database table.

When the user signs in, all information is verified from the database table.

You can either create your own table on your machine or use the demo server table for testing. Remember the table name and the fields must be exactly as shown below.

If you are using your own table, you must change the connection info as shown below before uploading to the demo server. Then you must test to make sure it works correctly on the demo server.

Use the same connection information provided from assignment 4. The table name will be ‘account’.

The fields in the table are:

username – 20 char

password – 50 char

name – 20 char

email – 50 char

Make sure that all field names are the same upper and lowercase letters as shown above.

The password will still be encypted when stored in the database.

You must insert data into the table using your program. Do not assume anything is in the table.

When creating userids and passwords, use something unique, as your classmates will be sharing the same table.