Philosophy Paper

Instead of 550, it should be 600 or slightly over. Make the last page a citation page and include one citation along the lines of a quote or action made by Nozick. PROMPT In “The Experience Machine” Robert Nozick gives a thought experiment that is meant to offer an objection to hedonism, the claim that pleasure is the good. In the paper, reconstruct the argument against hedonism based on the experience machine and give an objection or defense. INSTRUCTIONS This paper should be approximately two double-spaced pages long or about 600 words. Use 12-point font. Do not include an introduction or conclusion. Just include the two following paragraphs: 1) A reconstruction of the argument for the conclusion. The reconstruction should include any background assumptions or principles behind the argument, the premises of the argument, any inferences between premises, and how the premises together entail the conclusion. 2a) An objection to the argument. The objection should either state the argument is invalid or unsound. If you believe the argument is invalid, you need to say why. If you believe the argument is unsound, you need to point out at least one false premise and say why that premise is false. OR 2b) A defense of the argument. This defense should clearly state why the argument succeeds backed up with good reasoning or evidence. Do not simply give your opinion on the argument. RUBRIC Excellent (90-100): An excellent paper meets every requirement, including ta clear and accurate argument reconstruction and a strong objection or a substantial defense. The paper shows a mastery of the material. The paper has no grammatical, spelling, or formatting errors and is cited properly.