Phil 100 – Fourth Assignment

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Phil 100 – Fourth Assignment

Write a 3-5 page paper in response to the following prompt. Your script should be double spaced, 12pt text.

The Happy Warrior: Why does Nussbaum want to pose questions to psychology – what does she think the psychologists might have got wrong? Why is Wordsworth’s happy warrior relevant to this? Do you agree with her critique? In answering these questions, you should consider carefully what she says about the concepts of pleasure, life-satisfaction, happiness and well-being, and their inter- connections.

Before writing your paper, make sure you make a plan. Also, it may be helpful to review the “writing a paper” checklist slide that we discussed in the first class (available on the course site under files/slides and handouts).

Papers are due Sunday September 26th by 11:59pm. As always, you should explain the ideas you are discussing in your own words. If you use someone else’s words in your paper, be sure to indicate this clearly (e.g. with quotation marks), including a citation of the original source of the text.