PESTEL B-CORP Research Report.

 A Report mainly focuses on 4 elements of the PESTEL (Ex: PEST or PSTL). You must collect data that will give you more insight in each element. The report will consist of a comparison of the TWO countries on the PESTLE elements you choose. Those four PESTEL elements will help me to conduct my research. Per element you have to choose a minimum of two indicators e.g. for Economic, you could focus on economic growth and unemployment rate. 1. Introduction (problem definition) In the introduction the ‘problem’ is defined. You describe that you want to find out for your Bcorp to which country you want to expand. You will use the 6 W formula (from Verhoeven, 2015) to do so, and integrate the answers to the W-questions in a natural manner so it becomes a proper text. You describe the Bcorp, you describe the two countries and why these two are possibly relevant for your B corp. Make sure to include your main research question and your sub questions. You formulate four sub questions, that are each related to one elements of PESTEL of your choice. For example a sub question could be What are the Political factors that have an influence on expansion in [country A] and [country B]? Per sub question you describe the objectives. 2. Main text (Body) In the body of the report you present all the relevant data, including facts, figures and expert opinions that the executive board of your Bcorp should know. Make sure to write in such a way that the text can easily be understood by your target audience. The tone of the report should be formal and you should focus on the findings (facts, figures, expert opinions and their interpretations) in the body of the report. The recommended structure for the body of the report is the yardstick approach (Thill and Bovée, 2001). 3. Conclusion In the conclusion of the report answer the sub questions and the main research question and you present the overall interpretation of the findings and. 4. Recommendations The recommendations provide the reader with clear steps that can be taken next. Make sure that the recommendations match with the conclusions 5. Bibliography The Bibliography should be formatted according to the APA-style.