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Read Case Study 2-2: (attached )Disrupted Links in the Performance Management Process at Omega, Inc. on pages 55-56 in your textbook. The six links in the performance management process outlined in the text are interrelated. If any of the links is missing, unclear, or compromised, it will have an effect on the entire process, and employees may not understand what is required of them. Consider each of the links of the performance management process shown in the Figure 2.1 Performance Management Process on page 39. Discuss whether each of the links are present and in what form in the performance management system described. What can be done to fix each of the disrupted links in the process?

Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing any sources referenced

APA style

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Performance Management

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As a newly hired human resources manager, the CEO solicits a meeting with you and other senior leaders in the organization. During the meeting, she raises concerns about the decline in employee performance and shares that she suspects it must be due to the quality of new hires or a lack of incentive for them to perform better. The Vice President (VP) of operations shares his frustration with the poor performance and productivity seen in his department and states the following: “I think we should fire underperforming employees immediately and start over by hiring those who are better qualified.” At the conclusion of the meeting, the CEO tasks you with sharing your diagnosis and recommendations at the next meeting. In preparation for the follow up meeting, you begin conducting internal research, and your investigation uncovers several critical problems that must be solved in order to improve the performance of the organization. Some of the problems include poor job descriptions, a poor performance management system, a lack of training, low base pay for new hires, and no recognition program.

To communicate with senior leaders, you must create a two-page memo to explain the issues, as well as offer appropriate solutions. Given your assessment of the current use of individual development plans, describe the necessary steps to mitigate the current issues. In your memo,

  • Describe the recommendations for methods of identifying employee performance issues.
  • Evaluate alternative methods of employee development.
  • Describe the steps you would take to implement your recommendations.
  • Support your assessment and recommendations with at least one scholarly and/or credible source.

For help in the format and writing style of a memo use Good Example of a Persuasive Memo.

Your memo should be posted as your initial discussion in a minimum of 600 words. Note: Do not upload as an attachment). Your memo must also include the following:

  • Headers with To, From, Date, and Subject lines
  • Introductory paragraph addressing the purpose of your communication
  • One to two paragraphs outlining the issues
  • Three to six paragraphs describing solutions
  • A closing paragraph that summarizes the information
  • Reference list