Perform a Financial analysis on Tesla vs Ford Motor Companies for last 3 years of data and answer below 5 questions.

I’m stuck on a Management question and need an explanation.

Assume the role of financial analyst and create a full analysis between two Tesla and Ford. Please ensure that you fully explain all calculations and that you answer every question thoroughly. You will need to locate information about the two companies’ annual financial statements for the most recent 3 year available. To do so, go to one of the many financial sites on the Internet to download their reports. Please follow APA format and Reference mandatory., MSN Money and Yahoo Finance

    1. What are the primary lines of business of these two companies as shown in their notes to the financial statement?
    2. Which company has the dominant position in their industry?
    3. What are the gross profits, operating profits, and net income for these two companies?
    4. Compute both companies’ cash coverage ratio, current ratio, and free cash flow.
    5. What ratios do each of these companies use in the Management’s Discussion and Analysis section of the annual report to explain their financial condition related to debt financing (meaning you MUST find each of the two firms’ annual reports)?