peer review


Over these past week I received a lot of helpful information. Starting with celebrity endorsement, this is one of my favorite. This concept show that there are different ways in which a company can gain a specific audience. Next, I really enjoy the week we discuss customer loyalty. I now understand why come company goes out of busy. Business must know their customer and tend to their need, they must be will to award their customer for doing business with them. Lastly, the most important concept I have learned about this marketing course is that social media is taking over the world with everything that we do including the business world. Overall I find this course to be extremely fun and informative, and I enjoy each and every week.


peer review

I’m trying to study for my Business course and I need some help to understand this question.

please take look the slide #2 and slide #3 , then wirte half page commend and take the grade.

In the Environment column, identify the Macro environmental issue (this is generally a case fact).Is the issue at the proper (i.e. macro) level of analysis?(It should not be a firm-specific issue.)

In the Threat/Opportunity columns, state how the macro issue is a threat and/or opportunity to the focal firm or industry (this is your analysis of the impact of the case fact on the firm or industry).

Note you should focus on the relevant issues.In other words, not every ‘box’ is necessarily filled in.

Identify macro issues (Put in the Environment column).

State how the macro issues are threats and/or opportunities to the firm or industry in which the firm operates.(In other words, state the strategic implications.)

Points(slide #2)

Were specific issues identified (eg case facts, not hypothetical issues)? – 1 point

Were all issues listed at the proper level of analysis?(macro, not firm or industry level) – 2 points

Were the opportunities and/or threats identified? (the strategic implications for the firm identified) – 2 points

Process steps:(slide #3)

industry or segment boundaries.1 point.

players in each Force using case facts. 1 point.

3.Assess level of threat, power, intensity of each Force using
case facts and
course concepts. 1 point.

final assessment of how attractive the industry is in which to compete, using results of 5 Forces analysis to
support your view. 1 point.

5.Identify the
strategic implications for the firm.1 point.