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****************Bentley Motors are using competitive and promotional pricing, because Bentley Motors teamed up with Digital Jungle to persuade customers to test drive and purchase a vehicle. Digital Jungle made a lot of successful competitions and different marketing activities. Using promotional pricing help beat other competitors.

Motorola uses economy pricing strategy to bring down the prices and be able to make large numbers of products. Motorola also uses pricing skimming so they could have a competitive advantage in innovative products so actually they are using marketing mix.

Kohl’s uses penetration pricing strategy because they sell there products at a lower price to gain more profits so than can produce more goods. So the sales volume goes up.

Dish Network is also using penetration pricing because they have the lowest TV packages as an alternative to cable. By them offering lower prices hoping to gain more customers but they lack of a lot of features that cable offers.


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Bentley Motors, I believe is using Premium Pricing because luxury has a psychological association with high prices. Price Skimming is also used because over time they will lower the price make it seem as if you are saving or getting a discount.

Motorola, I believe uses Penetration Pricing whereas they can attract new customers, Price Skimming is also used so that the price can be lower during an initial time, and Premium Pricing because Motorola is also thought of as an expensive item and has been around for years.

Kohl’s, I believe is using the three, Competitive Pricing, Economy Pricing, and Promotional Pricing because being in a competitive business you have to be able to make quick adjustments to stay with the flow of other prices and to have a good sale volume.

Dish Network, I do believe uses, Penetration Pricing, Competitive Pricing, Economy Pricing,and Promotional Pricing because there are so many other service out there at offer the same product,so they keep their pricing strategy open to bring in business and loyalty.

With this being said, different companies use different pricing strategy in their business to maintain, get more or new costumers, that why knowing the product what you have and what the consumer need is so important to the business owner to keep up and know Marketing.

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peer review

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Activities of the Fed

Use the Wall Street Journal menu link to find a recent article related to activities of the Federal Reserve. Alternatively, your source may be any other business periodical (e.g., Forbes, BusinessWeek, The Economist) with an article that contains relevant information.

Consider the Fed activity described in the article in the light of the four major goals listed below:

  1. Conduct national monetary policy
  2. Supervise and regulate banking institutions
  3. Maintain financial system stability
  4. Protect financial institutions and consumers

Provide a link or reference to the article. Then respond to the prompts below:

  • Briefly summarize the key points of the article
  • Which of the four goals listed above does the Fed’s activity from the article aim to promote?
    • NOTE: It may aim to address more than one of the listed items
  • Do you believe that the Fed’s activity succeeded in promoting those goals? Why or why not?
  • Have these actions of the Fed directly affected your company or workplace? Why or why not?

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The article I chose from the Wall Street Journal is “Bank Branch Closings Weigh on Rural Communities, Fed Finds – Poorer residents and large minority populations are reported to be particularly hard hit.” Key points of the article focus on the closing of banks in several US counties; most of these bank closings are in rural communities with poorer residents or large minority populations and Federal Reserve researchers are urging policy makers to “jointly identify potential partnerships and shape strategies and policies to strengthen access to financial services in deeply affected communities” (Hayashi, 1). This article focuses on protecting financial institutions in small rural and minority communities and the consumers and small businesses who utilize those institutions – with the greatest impact on small businesses in these communities with reduction of their access to credit needed to grow their operations.

I believe the Fed is actively promoting the rescue of these financial institutions to policy makers, as the loss of banking branches in rural and minority communities could have much broader implications for the consumer and small businesses who could face reduced access to credit and any source of financial advice or assistance locally within their community (Hayashi, 1). I could not find any other information of the outcome of this research at this time.

This action of the Fed to promote the security of local banking institutions in small rural and minority communities does not currently affect my company. Though there have been some bank closings in the county, there are many local banking institutions to provide the community and small businesses with financial services.

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1. Yuka Hayashi. 2019. The Wall Street Journal. Bank Branch Closings Weigh on Rural Communities, Fed Finds – Poorer residents and large minority populations are reported to be particularly hard hit.

peer #2

The article “America’s New Emphasis on Fiscal Policy” provides information regarding the efforts of the Federal Reserve to lift the interest rate by 0.25% by 2017, with a section of economic analysts questioning the feasibility of the research finding. President Trump pledged to boost the country’s economy following Janet Yellen’s doubts about the ability of the U.S government to grow by 2% annually (Holmes, 2017). Unfortunately, reports indicate that the decisions by the American president to promote the regional economy had negative consequences on the well-being of the American residents.

Fed’s activity succeeded in promoting all of its four primary goals. One significant responsibility of the Federal Reserve is to help in stabilizing the economy of the United States. Increasing the interest rate by 0.25% was aimed at ensuring that the United States recover from the stock market rally during President Obama’s eight years of governance (Holmes, 2017). The proposed fiscal policy by the Fed not only aimed at maintaining the financial system stability but also the remaining three objectives.

I believe that the Fed’s activity did not succeed in realizing the four goals. The content of the article confirms that the United States residents suffer adverse consequences following the various decisions and actions by President Trump and his administration to boost the region’s GDP. However, the steps taken by the Federal Reserve to enlighten the public is the initial step to begin promoting the region’s economy (Holmes, 2017).

The actions of the Fed have directly affected my workplace. The content included in the article confirms that the dollar lost its ground following the announcement that the Fed lifted the interest rates by 0.25% (Holmes, 2017). Therefore, it is correct to conclude that the Fed’s activities impact our financial success.


Holmes, F. (2017, March 20). America’s New Emphasis On Fiscal Policy. Retrieved from