Paragraph #3 (Cause/Effect)

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Write a 300 word (minimum) paragraph that either explains the reasons (causes) something happens or the results (effects) that follow from it. do not do both.

Your Paragraph should include the following:

  1. A topic sentence that lists the topic (a cause or an effect) plus makes a statement about the topic that will have to be developed in the paragraph.
  2. A paragraph body that lists the 3 or 4 principle causes or effects. Each cause or effect should be given in a supporting/subtopic sentence. Remember that if your topic sentence states a cause, then your paragraph body will list the effects. If your topic sentence states an effect, then your paragraph body will list the causes. Do not do both
  3. MLA Formatting a title double spaced in 12 point times new roman 1 and 1 inch margins all of the way around the paper.

[1] 250 words is usually about 1 page of typed double-spaced writing.