Select a parable from the Gospels that is unique to one of the authors the Gospels.

Your essay must make an argument for why this parable is unique to the Gospel author who used it, and why that author included this parable in his gospel. What was his apparent purpose in doing so? What function does this parable serve in the gospel, and how does it serve the author’s larger apparent goals? You may use secondary source material to help you write your essay, but the essay’s main argument must be built using the texts from the New Testament itself. Essays should be 1200-1400 words Your essay should express a clear argument, supported by primary source material. Your essays must be thesis-driven, clear, and be well-organized. Bibliographies are required but do not count against the word limit. Essays should be double spaced, and have titles. Books used for this classHarris, Stephen, The New Testament: A Student’s Introduction (McGraw Hill, 2014; 8th edn.) Barrett, C.K. (ed.), The New Testament Background: Writings from Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire That Illuminate Christian Origins (HarperOne, 1995) Coogan, Michael, et. al. (eds.), The New Oxford Annotated Bible with Apocrypha (OUP, 2018; 5th edn.)