Organizational Review of a facility that includes advocacy

This is an essay that discusses the Organizational Review of a facility that includes advocacy. The paper also discusses the patient advocates, a legal community, and public interest.

Organizational Review of a facility that includes advocacy

Firstly, identify an agency or facility that includes advocacy in its mandate (e.g., a program for battered women, a hospital with patient advocates, a legal community clinic, a public interest advocacy group, etc.) and ask a reliable contact the following questions. You may either visit the agency or call the agency.

For this Assignment (worth 100 points) write up a 4 page report of your findings, including a description of the program, its work, and a critical analysis of its effectiveness (linking what you have learned from the interview with what you have learned from the readings). Please use clear “section headings” in your report to organize the following information about  the organization. However, note, each section should contain at least 2  full paragraphs of content. Be insightful and descriptive in your reporting and integrate the reading on Restorative

Secondly, justice and Advocacy. In the last section, reflect on your overall learning in this class.
·        Organization’s Background, Mission
o   State mission, program objectives, vision, etc.
·        Services, Role of Professionals
o   What are the roles of the professionals who work there?
o   What types of advocacy are they involved in?
·        Type of Advocacy, Model/Theory


Thirdly, what models or theories of advocacy does the agency use? Please review/read link :  Advocacy: Models and effectiveness (Links to an external site.) before answering this question or to help you effectively answer this question.
·        Skills ,Strategies & Evaluation
o   How does the helping professional know if he/she has been successful as an advocate?
o   What types of evaluation, if any, does the agency use to determine the effectiveness of the advocacy services?
·        Program Strength/Weakness & Ethical Issues
o   What are the strengths of the program? What are some recommended changes?
o   Also, what are the most difficult ethical issues you have had to deal with in your advocacy work
·        Conclusion/Reflections
o   What did you learn from this experience?