Organic Chemistry Lab 2

I’m working on a Chemistry question and need guidance to help me study.

I’ve attached the lab write up. It says pre lab but its not only pre lab is lab report as well. attached

These are the professors instructions please follow as is, “The Pre-lab writeups of Lab 1 and lab 2 have been completed for you to help you learn how to put the pre-lab writeup as well as the lab report together. Please take this as a starting point, use the comments in red as a guideline (delete the comments in red when you finish your report) to complete the rest of the lab report, and submit it using the link provided here before the due date.”

All students are required to complete the lab 2 report (Plot the progress curves, draw your conclusion and answer the post-lab questions. Uploading a picture of you carrying out an distillation at home is optional but will reward you 5 bonus points if you are up to it!”