OPIM3103-003 Written Assignment Guidelines

Students will be required to research the industry they expect to be working in following graduation, and prepare a short paper in which they identify, explain, and explore the benefits (or drawbacks) of a technology that is changing how the industry functions. Identify your Industry You all will be graduating in the next few years, and at this point I hope you have a vague idea of what industry you hope to begin your career in. This does not have to be your major, as I want this to be as relevant to your future as possible. Identify your Technology Information Technology has changed the way just about every job in the world is performed. Whether you think you’ll be working on Wall Street or inheriting the family farm, modern technology will affect how you perform as an employee or business owner. A few examples may be:

● Insurance Industry – Artificial intelligence ● Financial Industry – Customer Relationship Management software such as SalesForce ● Education Industry – Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard (HuskyCT) Explain your Technology (25%) What does your selected technology do for your industry? How does it work? Is it software? A service? A new device or tool? I’m mostly looking for an answer to the question “What does this technology do and how does it work?” A brief example would be: ● Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability to use computers to analyze and understand vast amounts of data in reasonable periods of time, and have the computer learn and improve itself from it. Humans have always been unique in our ability to do this, and to then make decisions based on our knowledge. This is done through technology known as “neural networks.” We still are a long way from computers being self aware, however they are revolutionizing the ________ industry by analyzing _______ information. Explain the History of your Technology (25%) What did the industry do before this technology was available? When was this technology first created? Who created it? How has it evolved? Explore Benefits and Drawbacks (50%) Has this technology affected the industry in a good way? Has it caused any new problems? What problem did this technology solve? If you were in charge of the money at your future organization, why would or wouldn’t you purchase this technology?