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I’m studying for my Excel class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?


Author: Debra Gross; Frank Akaiwa ; Karleen Nordquist

Publisher: Course Technology

Year: 2013 Format: Paperback 720 pages

ISBN 13: 9781285099149 (978-1-285-09914-9)

ISBN: 1285099141 (1-285-09914-1)

Succeeding Business Microsoft by Gross

This the link for the book…

3-Ex1-Advertising -YourName.xlsx




There is no spreadsheets provided from school… we will have to create it according to the specifications.

I talk to the teacher and he is expecting to just create spreadsheet similar to the one you have and just add and/or update the necessary information in the template.

you can also use the templates that are showing in the videos.!BKDn_bPBZpfNpHrnO0pHghPLxUUB?e=loegV53g8kmrgZ0LxZq08A&at=9

https://1drChapter # 6 –!BKDn_bPBZpfNpHrnO0pHghPLxUUB?e=loegV53g8kmrgZ0LxZq08A&at=9

These are the videos shared by the professor related to chapter 6 (this assignment)

The videos will show more or less what is expected to see.