One Page reflection to the film

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Take some time (approximately one hour and 20 minutes) to watch the ESPN short film “The Marinovich Project.” It is the story of how Todd Marinovich was groomed from birth by his father to become the perfect football quarterback. You may need a credit card to pay the approximate $2 to watch the film.

ESPN Films – The Marinovich Project (Links to an external site.)ESPN Films - The Marinovich Project

Write at least a one-page (double-space is fine) critical reflection of the film from your perspective. Among your comments, address the following: What do you think of this talent development “experiment?” Marinovich make the comment in the film that when people tell him he wasted his talent, he replies “How do you think I got this talent?” This suggests that he believes that his talent was developed ( much like you’re reading in the Peak book) as opposed to being innate (inborn). Wasn’t this a prime example of deliberate practice that we’re reading about? How and why did it go wrong?

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