Nursing and Health Care Informatics Ethics and the Law

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Hello this is a research paper that needs to be done properly and in APA format. It is a huge part of a grade and will also be turned into a site for plagiarism so it needs to be properly cited throughout the paper as well. I will upload the guidelines and the rubric for the writer to follow carefully. I will upload 7 articles that the writer needs to incorporate in this paper that has to do with my research question. I have used these articles in other papers previously to this research paper. Because this paper has been done in parts that I have been using this site to do. My research question is about dementia and educating family members and care givers on how to prevent accidents in the home and reduce hospital visits, see research question below. Please write this paper on that research question and finding articles about teaching and educating family and care givers about dementia and preventing accidents by educating them. This paper needs more articles to be used as well. The writer will need to obtain more articles about my research question. I need at least 10-12 articles used I will provide 7 of them. The articles need to be scholarly, nursing articles, original research articles, peer reviewed, and evidence based practice articles as well. The articles need to be specific and properly picked and written about. Please follow the guidelines and rubric I have provided to do this paper. The paper needs to be at least 10 pages. My research question is: How to Improve dementia care by educating family members by providing proper information and how to implement in helping reduce at home accidents and hospitalization?