NURS 303 Final on Project on Community Assessment

This is an assignment that focuses on NURS 303 Final on Project Community Assessment. The paper also focuses on the impact health issues and assessment.

NURS 303 Final on Project Community Assessment

NURS 303 Final Project: Community Assessment
(Please write about Asian Chinese Community in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, New York) go to Bensonhurst It will give you some background information.
research and conduct and a Community Assessment and identify issues that impact health

Purpose: For community health/ public health nurse to develop the skills needed to conduct a community assessment and plan appropriate interventions. The nurse will
Firstly, develop  a working knowledge of a selected community
Secondly, identify the key needs and problems facing the community members
Thirdly, identify the strengths and resources of the community
Then, develop realistic interventions to improve the health of the community and its people
Lastly, utilize the standards outlined in Healthy People 2020.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to:
Utilize a community assessment and identify indicators of health
Identify nursing and health-related research data in community health nursing practice
Evaluate the health status of populations, determinants of health and risk factors impacting health promotion, maintenance and delivery of health services
Conceptualize a program or intervention to address the health needs of a community

This multi-step final assignment will seek to develop and build on your skills in the following ways: Students will
Firstly, implement an in-depth assessment of a community. (Windshield assessment/ literature search)
Secondly, identify your clients’ health problem or issue in a selected community (vital statistics)
Thirdly, analyze what factors contribute to the cause of the problem (risk factors, determinants of health)
Then, synthesize collected data to propose a project that will offer interventions to improve the health of your selected community (intervention project proposal)

Your assignment will be capture:

a.      assessment of the community
b.      identification of the issue or problem that needs to be addressed