NUR4827 Chapter 8 Case Study

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There are two new graduates who were hired to work for the medical-surgical unit. John, who works the day shift, has completed his 3-month orientation program. Monica works the night shift and was hired 2 months after John. The two graduates report off to each other and began to discuss their experiences as new nurses. John indicates he is gaining valuable experience after his short 3 months and is beginning to feel part of the team. He relates this to Monica when she is gathering report from him for the night shift.

Monica, however, says, “I am frustrated. I still feel like a brand new nurse. I am unsure of some of my decisions, and there are times I am on the unit without another registered nurse to show me the ropes. The LPNs are experienced, but they are not able to guide me in the direction I want. I am glad you are getting a good experience.”

John is concerned and tells Monica, “You are a new graduate and there is much to handle. Someone should be sure you are being properly supervised during your new graduate orientation. Have you spoken with the nurse manager about your experience?”

Monica responded, “I spoke with the nurse manager over the phone. She acknowledged my concerns but informed me there are not any RNs that can help precept me on the night shift, so I need to do my best. Besides, she does not do the scheduling.” Frustrated, Monica adds, “I am at the mercy of the unit coordinator who schedules our shift.”

John encourages Monica to try to meet with the manager in person: “You should be oriented correctly for the safety of the patients on the floor.” Monica knows he is right and agrees that she needs to make an appointment with the nurse manager as soon as possible.

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