NUR 111 Develop a PICOT question concerning nursing/nursing student stress.

I’m stuck on a Nursing question and need an explanation.

Develop a PICOT question concerning nursing student stress. Must have a minimum of at least three paragraphs, you must have APA in- text citations for your evidence to be counted as an example of evidence. This is a scholarly assignment following APA guidelines as outlined on your rubric.

Postings must have at least 3 valid reference to support their initial discussion as well as an additional reference for both responses. References should include but are not limited to any professional healthcare journal articles, health related textbooks, professional websites such as World Healthcare Organization or The Joint Commission. References must not be dated older than five (5) years and should be cited in correct APA format. Students are responsible for answering all instructor questions posed within their thread. Use professional and respectful tone and language in all responses and initial posts.