NSG/498: Senior Leadership Practicum Wk 3 – Signature Assignment: Research and Evidence: Support the Need for a Change

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Assignment Content

  1. In this assignment, you will research best practices to identify an effective intervention for your selected problem. Your goal is to gather evidence form scholarly literature to support the most effective intervention strategy.

    The performance appraisal tools in this week’s learning activities will help you determine appropriate scholarly sources of evidence to cite this week.

    Locate and submit PDFs of at least 3 original research articles that provide evidence for your proposed solution to your selected problem. The articles must be peer reviewed, published within the past 5 years, and statistically significant.
    Locate and submit PDF of at least 1 clinical guideline or best practice article relating to your proposed solution
    Write a 350-word summary of each article (this can be submitted as 4 separate summaries or in one integrated summary)in which you:

    • Summarize the content of each research article in your own words.
    • Summarize the identified current guidelines or best practices relating to your proposed solution, or if there are protocols, the current standard of care.
    • Define your proposed intervention(s) to address the problem.
    • Explain how the intervention will result in a solution to the problem.

    Include the actual PDFs files of the articles as well as a reference pages with an APA-formatted citation for each article. PLEASE NOTE **embedded links of the articles within the summaries
    does not meet assignment requirements.