NRSE 3700J Module 4 A1 Reflection #1 (Due by 09/17/20 12:00 pm EST)

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Overview: MODULE 4: A1 DUE

This is the first Reflective exercise. You have chosen a country/community and a specific health issue as the focus for the final paper in NRSE 3700J. Reflective exercise #1 (Module 4) and #2 (Module 5) will provide the opportunity for additional thinking about the healthcare focus. You will reflect on the new information gained about healthcare in the chosen country/community.

See the Instructional Materials in Module 4 for some guidance in reflective thinking.

Although the reflective exercises involve personal reflection they are not informal documents. Use complete sentences and paragraphs. Use supportive statements with citations when appropriate. Be critical in thinking and writing. Move beyond simple description.

NO title page or references are necessary for reflection assignments.

Refer to the rubric for guidelines.

Instructions for Reflection #1 (M4-A1)

  • It is okay to use first person writing style.
  • Explain the relationship between your initial thoughts about health and/or healthcare in the chosen country/community and the information you discovered. (Country is Thailand) **I attached a copy of the two previous papers submitted on Thailand and the health care issues.**
  • Reflect on your view of the chosen population. Overall how has your thinking changed (if it has) based on what you have learned? If your view has not changed explain your reasoning.
  • Length is to be between 250 and 300 words.
  • Click on the link titled ” M4 A1:REFLECTIVE EXERCISE 1 – SUBMISSION AREA” to submit the assignment.
  • Refer to Rubric for evaluation guidelines

Note: You will submit through SafeAssign and receive an originality report. This will give you a chance to correct the assignment based on the SafeAssign score

Module 4: Reading material:

Book Chapters:

DeSilva, M., Hamlin, A., Naas, J., Rubio, C., Savage, M., Merck, B., & Gross, A. (2017). Technical writing.

Open Oregon Educational Resources.…

Read Chapter 2

University of Minnesota (2015). Writing for success. (DOCUMENT ATTACHED)

  • Chapter 9 Developing a strong, clear thesis statement, pp. 342-371

Other Documents:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2009). Simply put: A guide for creating easy-to-understand materials. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

University of Birmingham. (2015). A short guide to reflective writing. (DOCUMENT ATTACHED)

University of Salford Manchester. (2016). Reflective writing. (DOCUMENT ATTACHED)


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