Nonprofit management and leadership discussion questions

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Read Dorothy Norrris-Tirrell’s (2000) article (edited by Kenneth G. Koziol)(attached). Discuss the following questions:

  1. Who (the executive director or the board of directors) bears responsibility for the agency’s future?
  2. As executive director, what are Marcel’s alternatives at this point?
  3. Did Marcel’s lack of administrative experience in the nonprofit arena impact her effectiveness?
  4. What skills would an effective executive director need in order to handle this situation?

Note: You are expected to make one initial post and reply to the posting of at least two other students

Each original response to the questions for the week must be at least 80 words long and specifically reference some concept or content reference in the coursework for the week.

Peer responses must be at least 50 words long and one or more of these types: 1) agreement with extension, 2) an alternative perspective with rationale, or a 3) respectful challenge with counter argument.