newsletter outdoor play

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Create a two-page newsletter about play for a fictional childcare centre. Your product should not only attract parents to the centre, but also demonstrate your understanding of the value of play. Therefore, it must be appealing and informative.

Topics To Consider

  • History of play
  • Theory of play
  • Importance of play
  • Environmental impact on play
  • Components and unique features of play
  • Characteristics of play
  • The play process
  • The role of Early Childhood Educators in play
  • The role of parents in play

Questions That Should Be Answered In Your Newsletter

  • What is play?
  • Why is play important?
  • How do Early Childhood Educators support play?
  • How does play contribute to child development?
  • How can parents support a wide range of play experiences?
  • What opportunities for play experiences are available in the Timmins area?

Design Considerations:

You are permitted and encouraged to use Microsoft Word templates to help with your design. Here are some other things to think about when creating your assignment

  • Font colour and size
  • Images
  • Headings
  • Word choice – avoid using terminology that only ECEs can understand

APA Considerations

Any ideas that are not your own must be cited. Create a list of books, websites, and articles you used when gathering your information. This page will be titled “References”, and will be the third page of your assignment. You must always include: author’s name, title of book/article, year it was published, and website address. If one of the details is missing in your source, it is not an acceptable source of information.