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Write a 1000-2000 word critical analysis and evaluation critique (or a video recording) on your local (City/Town/County or State/ Province vs Federal or Country) Crisis communication related to an ongoing current event.

(COVID, Antifa -antifederal activity, BLM -Anti-police activity).

How would you as the PIO improve the messaging? (Individual, Summative: 10% of total grade calculation.)

Recall that the PIO may be the person behind the Principle (Senior Executive) taking the points the Executive wants to say (policy) and formulating that message using accepted strategies (Periodic Table of High Concern Communications, Outrage, CERC, Walker, etc.

This is a cumulative assignment, as I expect you to apply the material studied to this point (instead of a quiz).

Answer the Critical Analysis questions (what, where, when, who, how, why, what it, so what, what’s next) and apply the Universal Intellectual Standards (cited in the first week’s module).

Stay focused, and be compelling in your discussion, with proper APA citations.