negative social media discussion

I’m stuck on a Marketing question and need an explanation.

A Course Learning Outcome (#3) for the course is:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking to identify, analyze and recommend a course of action when social media turns negative.

Several of the discussions ask you to talk about an example of negative social media and follow through the course of action and analysis of results as well as your own discussion of the correct course of action. This week, you will provide an example of social media turning negative. This example should be provided using an outside source (could be an image of the interaction or a link referenced). I am going to provide a link which shows a few examples (please do not use these) for you to fully understand what I am looking for in this discussion example (

In this discussion, please provide a short synopsis of the example and indicate what you think makes it a “negative” example. In future posts you will be addressing additional analysis and recommendation for the course of action (used and whether you have a different course of action suggestion).

apa format … do not use the word “that

needs to be two to three paragraphs