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  • Read the Case Study – Iaccarino & Son
  • Prepare an APA formatted Word document responding to the following questions and descriptions related to the case study:
  • If you were in Fran’s shoes when he was running his own company, what factors might have attracted you to close your business and join Iaccarino & Son? What factors might have discouraged you from entering the family business?
    1. Why do you think Carl wanted to retain ownership and decision-making authority over Iaccarino & Son after bringing Fran into the company?
    2. When the recession hit in 2008, what advice would you have given Carl and Fran to increase the chances of survival for Iaccarino & Son?
    3. On the subject of family business, discuss three (3) family business challenges. Discuss tips for overcoming your three (3) selected challenges.

    QUESTION 2- Select an article on the topic of small business management or entrepreneurship related to this week’s chapter readings from any of the business periodicals listed below:

    • Harvard Business Review (HBR)
    • Forbes
    • Fortune
    • Entrepreneur
    • Inc. Magazine
    • The Economist
    • Bloomberg Businessweek
    • New York Times