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Week 5 Discussion

A business continuity plan must be thought out, written down, and distributed to key personnel well ahead of any incident that could disrupt because it provides a roadmap for continuance and/or restoration of mission-critical functions during and after a disaster. For this reason, BC personnel should understand potential threats to an organization. They must understand the likely impact because some threats may physically destroy IT infrastructure while others may affect human resources while leaving buildings and machinery intact (Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, 2011). In this regard, the BC plan should cover contingencies for as many threat types as possible.

Besides, BC personnel should understand areas of responsibility. A key component in any crisis management situation is assigned duties and the establishment of a chain of command. This is no time to have department heads squabbling about decision-making authority hence BC personnel should be sure to assign alternates in case some of the important players are not available at the time of an emergency. Likewise, they should have access to emergency contact information such as police, fire, ambulance, security services, utility companies, and building maintenance. Information should be included for both internal personnel and external personnel (Firestorm, 2011).

In my view, there is a need to expand on the off-site backup of important data. This will help address the restoration of the company’s important digital data if it is destroyed. Too many organizations meticulously make backups of everything and then store those backups in the server room. Additionally, there is a need to focus on an alternative communications strategy to keep in touch with customers, off-site employees, and contact emergency services. The BC personnel should note which employees have cell phones and their numbers, as well as whether and where they have other methods of communicating during a widespread disaster.

Lastly, BC personnel should focus on alternative sites of operations by setting up operations at an alternative location if the building is destroyed or rendered unusable by a disaster. They should consider essential equipment/services backup needed in the alternative site location to ensure continuity of operations (Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, 2011). In this process, BC personnel should lay out how the equipment or its functions will be replaced. It should also include a step-by-step process of recovering and reinstating the business operations to a pre-disaster state.


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