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Part 1 :

Our textbook lists about twelve elements that a manager should consider when designing a team (This is not a design team, this is building or hiring a team of people) Choose two elements that you think are most important. Define them and explain why these two are most important. Would you choose the same two for a face to face team and a virtual team? If you were a manager and were given a team of five 30-year-old males from the United States and you could hire one more person for the team, would you hire a female from France? why or why not?

Part 2: Do you feel more attached to your work team, your class team or your ‘team of family and friends?’ Do each of these ‘teams’ have a different identity? What is the difference?

Need 300-350 words with all references in APA Format. Support your work with specific citations


Make suggestions based on additional evidence drawn from readings with respect to Building Teams and Tasks.

Need 100-150 words with all references in APA Format.

Question 3 :

Write two paragraphs about two other elements from part 1. Need all references in APA FORMAT. Each paragraph must have 100-150 words.

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