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Discussion Post 6:

Performance Management, and Professional Development are two topics that have become more important to me as my career has progressed. The reason is due to the fact that in order for organizations to thrive employees have to reach their full potential. In order for an employee to reach their full potential fair, consistent, timely, and equitable feedback is critically important.

Two videos are posted:

Video One: What is Performance Management. Its purpose is simply to support your learning.

Video Two: Is what I would like you to review, and provide feedback for the discussion board.

First Post:

Using the chapter as your foundation, do the following.

Use the suggested questions below to provide a response(s).

1. Review the video two.

2. Provide feedback on your thoughts (e.g. positive, negative, etc)?

3. What were your perceptions of each parties actions?

4. Explain why you drew those conclusions?

5. Provide a framework of how you would have improve or change the process?

Second Post:

In a follow up post (the second), share what take away or expectation you would have of your PM process moving forward.

Just one of the two questions either first post or 2nd post.

Word count 150 for inial post

Two peer responses 50-75 words