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1) Introduction, growth, maturity and decline. Every product has a life cycle story waiting to be told. In this interactivity, you’re going to document the story of a product, product category or brand that has progressed through the four product life cycle stages.

Guided Response:

1. Review section 3.2 in our text regarding product life cycles.

2. Identify an appropriate product, product category or brand.

  • One that has moved through all phases of the life cycle
  • Do a web search for dead brands or product fads. Or use this article about bygone tech (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for inspiration.

3. Research your brand/product/category to answer the following:

  • The approximate timing of each life cycle phase
  • The key events that marked the start or end of each phase
  • Use at least three sources

4. Post this information to the discussion forum below.

  • In the title of your post identify your product/brand/category.

2) Check out our sample annotated web page (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for a high-end pet boutique.

    • Mouse over highlighted areas to view associated commentary.
  • Pick one of the two brands and visit their website
    • Sport Clips (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or Sister Snog (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
    • Identify a site page – landing page or otherwise – where place and/or product is featured.
      • Remember; place encompasses physical and virtual locations
    • Copy the webpage link from your browser.
  • Screen capture and annotate the webpage using BounceApp (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
    • See the step by step tutorial (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
    • Identify at least three examples of how place and or product is used to reinforce the gender targeting.
    • Write at least two sentences of explanation for each example.
    • When done, copy the link to your annotated BounceApp page.
  • Post your annotated webpage link to the discussion forum below.
    • In the post title identify whether you picked Sport Clips or Sister Snog.
    • In the body of post, provide your BounceApp page link. See example.

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need help with discussion

I don’t understand this Management question and need help to study.

1) Read the An improved measure of ethical leadership article by Yukl, Mahsud, Hassan, & Prussia (2013), as well as Chapter 7 of Gonzalez-Padron (2015). Complete the Checklist: Ethical Leadership Questionnaire, then answer these following questions from the text:

  • Describe the behaviors that are most important for you to feel trust in the ethical leadership of a supervisor, manager, or company executive?
  • Describe any descriptors in the list that are difficult to observe?
  • Analyze how ethical leadership can be measured in an organization?
  • Evaluate how personal experience with a leader (e.g., work assignments, disciplinary actions) skew your assessment of his or her ethical leadership? Cite an example based on personal experience.

Your response must be a mimimum of 300 words.

2) Prior to beginning your discussion, read Understanding (and preventing) ethical leadership failures (Links to an external site.). After reading the article, give an example of one or more leadership failures that you are familiar with. You may use an organization, group, or political figure for your discussion. Describe the failure(s) in detail. Analyze how the failure(s) could have been mitigated.

Your response must be a minimum of 300 words.