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I’m trying to learn for my Business class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Hello, so I’ll be including the instructions below. Aside from the instructions, I only need it in MLA format, however citing isn’t required for the attached article and video. Only reference the article and video please, as they are the only sources required for this short essay.

Please read the article about Apple workers. It came out in 2012, but things have not changed in late 2020. Also watch this attached video from 2020 about inequality in America. Things have not changed for low-wage workers in 2020, in fact, they are getting worse.

Then write a 500 word essay with an original title where you discuss whether corporations are causing inequality in the US, and offer strategic solutions about how we can change the trend. What advice on this matter would you give President Trump or his labor secretary R. Alexander Acosta?

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