Need a paper about three to four pages.

I’m trying to learn for my Economics class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Data Exercise 3: For Data Exercise 3, select one of the following as your paper topic:

1) Disposal personal income per capita chained dollars and personal consumption expenditures per capita chained dollars; or,

2) Percentage change in real GDP and prime rate charged by banks; or,

3) Calculate M1 and M2 velocity of money using MV=PY theory of money (Quantity Theory of Money). If you choose this topic, you may want to watch the video Changes in Velocity on MRUniversity.

Remember to include proper citations and references using APA style. While you will create the graph(s), they will need a citation as to the source of the data used. Everything should in one document. Therefore, do not put your graph(s) in a separate document from your analysis. Also start your report with an introduction, not with your graph(s). The data methodology description comes next, then the data presentation (the graph(s)) followed by the analysis. The paper should end with a concluding/summary paragraph. The references would be the last item, unless you have an appendix. The appendix follows the references and will contain their citations and references as needed. Graph(s) may be put into an appendix if that works better for the flow of your paper. But if you do so, remember you must refer to the appendix in the appropriate place(s) in your report.