Narrative Writing Assignment

Description Write a three-page narrative (story) that details a love story. Your narrative can take place anywhere, anytime, and under any circumstances. Focus on avoiding the obvious and the cliché (in other words, doesn’t have to be between a man and a woman, or even human beings, think of something more creative perhaps, like peanut butter and jelly! But also don’t just ignore traditional love settings as well, those can be just as good). Hints and Best Practices: • Pay close attention to writing visually. Anything you want us to know about a character’s thoughts, feelings, or memories has to be made visual. Character is revealed in action. • Be consistent in your voice • Review the examples of narrative writing in both Tuesday and Thursday’s lecture • Simplicity is key since it leads to clarity • Don’t be afraid to lead by jumping right into a scene. Just make sure the reader is brought full-circle. Grading: Students will be graded on their demonstration of rich visual writing, their use of a consistent writing voice for the narrative, and the presence of a beginning-middle-end structure. GSP errors will result in 5-point deductions per occurrence.