nagarjun-operational excellence-Discussion5 and Karthik-Discussion

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Task 1:

Graded Discussion: Strategic Advantage – (Follow all steps below)

Carefully review and research some aspects of technology driven information systems in application of business processes, the people that operate and use these information systems, and any needs for information systems development.

Based on findings, think about your current work environment and or a future work environment to be part of. Given this proposed work environment in a highly competitive environment based on services and or products offered by the organization and or business which supports this work environment, what ideas would you have to use technology driven information systems, like databases, to transform raw data into useable business intelligence.

Furthermore, and going even further where organizations and business need business intelligence, where would “Big Data” analytics potentially factor in and what tools as technology driven information would you suggest using in this case and why?

Finally, and to conclude this discussion, is data analytics along with any information technology tools supporting these calculations going to be the true strategic advantage now and in the future? Why or why not?

words :300

Task 2:

Pick 3 different types of encryption methods and explain the benefits of each one.

words :250

include intext citations and references