“My Family & Asian American History”

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This week’s assignment asks you to write a personal essay under the theme of “My Family & Asian American History.” The purpose is to reflect upon what you have learned in the class and to relate your own family history and experiences to that. You will post your essay on the discussion board and then comment on the essays of two classmates.

  1. Questions to Address:
    • What are the important things that you have learned so far from the class?
    • How do you understand your family experiences and history differently now in the context of what you have learned about Asian American history?
    • How do your family’s experiences and history contribute to the unfolding of Asian American history? (This question is open-ended, and there is no one right way to answer it.)
  2. Required Discussion of Family History and Experiences: Include in your essay a discussion of your family experience and history in the U.S. This discussion should be integrated into your answers to the 3 questions above. You are to include information about your family’s:
    • Migration history to the U.S.: When and under what circumstances did you/your family come to the U.S?
    • Ethnic identification: How do you/your family identify in terms of ethnicity?
    • Racial identification: How do you/your family identify in terms of race?
    • Experiences in the U.S.: Share some relevant experiences that you/your family have had in the U.S.
  3. Required References to Course Material:
    • Be sure to incorporate AT LEAST 3 references to readings and references to 2 distinct videos in your personal essay. What are specific passages/terms/phrases or ideas or images or sentiments from the readings and videos (from week 1 through week 4) that help you address the assignments questions?
    • CITE the author and page number (where relevant) for your references or quotes. Example: (Lee, p. 54). Only include a “Works Cited” page if you use outside sources–those not assigned for class. Use the MLA format.

    Some Sources to use: