my assignment

I need this done in 40hrs from now.

The instruction for my assignment is in my attachment. This is a tax return project. So, anyone who is an expert in tax accounting please help me. I have provided details and pointers for all of you guys in the attachment. The tax return need to use 2016 information not 2015 info. which I have provided as well. I have provided all the documents that need to be fill out so you do not need to do to much research. In addition, I provide a powerpoint that include 2016 personal dependency exemptions (slide 15) and 2016 standard deduction (slide 11). The powerpoint will provide you with additional information like dependency requirement which I believe might benefits you. Furthermore, my instructor provide a check figures for AGI and total tax. I hope your figures will match with my instructor at the end.

  • I just want to fill the forms 1040 attached in the file (2016 Tax Return Project-Please Help.Zip).
  • I have attached sample question with solution but using 2014 forms in file Sample Solution.Zip (Just to guide you)
  • I need you to show some work along the way so I know how you figure out your answer (This can be done by hand and scanned as seperate file). 


 Please read my instruction carefully. Also, for business expense(if that occur), please use 2016 info., If need anything, please do let me know or you can look online but ask me first so I assure that is correct.



my assignment

I don’t know how to handle this English question and need guidance.

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